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Gear Couplings

HP100 Size 15 -1










Standard Range

NDE Clarke Pitchline has manufactured it’s own standard series of Couplings for over 40 years. The first range was the P Series which was first developed in the late 1960’s and was used extensively in the Mining Industry and Steel Industry.

In 2001 the range was completely redesigned and re designated to the High Performance HP Series with much improved ratings and enhanced features such as full face gear design in the flanged sleeves to ensure full engagement with the mating gear hub. This range is covered in our product catalogue 04/01 which can be supplied upon request.

Technical Information HP Range

  • Max Torque: 1,000,000 Nm
  • Max Bore Size: 500mm
  • Max Dia: 1000mm
  • Available as double engagement, single engagement, cardan shaft assembly and disengaging gear type couplings
  • Can be provided either pilot bored or complete with bore and keyway


Features and Benefits

  • A range of designs available
  • Any combination of bores and keyways can be provided
  • Can be designed to be suitable for oil injection removal
  • Can be custom designed or reversed engineered from its original design.


Special Versions

NDE Clarke Pitchline Ltd also design, engineer and manufacture many variations of gear type couplings all with highly competitive features. We can supply standard, adapted or bespoke gear couplings dependent on the customer needs, on very competitive lead times.

The gear couplings can be provided either pilot bored or complete with bore and keyway. Any combination of bores and keyways can be provided including taper keyways, taper bored and tangential keyways. We can also offer gear couplings suitable for oil injection removal with provision to accept short locking bushes.

We also provide rigid couplings, shear pin gear couplings and gear couplings manufactured from stainless steel.

One of our greatest assets is to custom design gear couplings to match old or obsolete gear couplings which are no longer available from the original suppliers. We use reverse engineering techniques to ensure that our couplings will perfectly match an old coupling and where possible using the same design.

Due to our uniquely flexible manufacturing and design facilities we can cater for urgent one-off production or scheduled large volumes of gear couplings and other power transmission components.

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