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Case Study # 3 : Reverse Engineering of Gear Spindle Components


Mill spindles re design

NDE Clarke Pitchline were approached by a Stainless Steel Processing Company who had a purchased a pre used steel proceesing line from Italy.

They were experiencing problems with the leveller section of the machine which included a number of gear spindles which connected the drive  gearbox to the driven rolls.

The exisiting gear spindles were extremely worn and they needed to replace the gear spindle hubs and sleeves at both ends of the gear spindle s. The Italian manufacturer of the original  spindles were no longer in business so the company approached us to reverse engineer a solution.

Our engineers were asked to visit site and reverse engineer the worn components. They  took all critical dimensions from the existing components and our engineering design department designed new components which would be interchangeable with the old units.

We used modern materials and manufacturing techniques to increase the capacity of the components to ensure that they would improve their service life.