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Precision Gear Cutting

Special Planetary Gears

Planetary Gear Cutting

Internal Gear Shaping

Internal Gear Shaping

Double Helical gear cutting

Herringbone Gear Hobbing

precision gear cutting

Precision Helical Gears







Gear Hobbing

NDE Clarke Pitchline offer a comprehensive gear cutting service and can gear hob up to 1200 mm diameter with a maximum face width of 500 mm. We can also gear hob spur gears and both single and double helical gears. Maximum pitch 18 module or 1.411 DP.

We have a comprehensive range of hobs suitable for either DIN or BS standard gears. All our vertical gear hobbing machines have crowning attachments and we have a wide range of cams available.


Gear Shaping

NDE Clarke Pitchline offer a comprehensive gear shaping service and are able to gear shape internal and external gears and splines up to 1000 mm diameter and up to 200 mm face width and up to 10 mod pitch. Our machines offer a wide range of different raiser blocks so we can accommodate  component with a maximum height of 500 mm. We carry a huge range of shaper cutters in DIN and BS designs. We can also reverse engineer components if a customer can provide us with a sample of the spline they want cutting. We will identify the spline required and then cut the spline accordingly.


Gear Cutting Tooling and Material Options

NDE Clarke Pitchline has a highly flexible gear cutting, hobbing and shaping capacity and can cater for one off specials, infrequent batch quantities right up to full scale production volumes of single or multiple sub-contract machining operations. Allied to a rigorous internal ISO 9001:2008 quality system, this gives our customers maximum capability from one supplier.

NDE Clarke Pitchline has an extensive catalogue of gear shapers and hobs, tooling and fixtures that have been developed over the 45 years of precision gear cutting experience and can work with a wide range of standard alloys such as EN8, EN9, 817M40, EN24T, 080m40, 070m55, 34CrNiMo6 as well as Inconel, phosphur bronze, AISI410, AISI4145, 835M30, EN30B, STST 17-4PH, SS316L, 832M13, EN36C, AISI9310 (AMS6260).