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Continuous Sleeve Type Gear Couplings

The NDE Clarke Pitchline HP300 Series Continuous Sleeve Type Gear Coupling, offers high performance mechanical power transmission in small drive space applications whilst still offering angular misalignment and axial travel for the most demanding industrial applications.










Continuous sleeve type gear coupling versions, in both single and double engagement form, are available with bolt on seal covers coming as standard.

This gear coupling has a very compact design and is designed for maximum torque transmission in the smallest space margins, which is important for some applications.

The efficient design means that there is the minimum number of components, which gives greater simplicity to our customer’s applications, improving reliability and reducing maintenance downtime.

Continuous sleeve type gear couplings are best utilised in small operating windows and limited space mechanical drive applications but that have very high torque transmission requirements.

Our HP300 series continuous sleeve type gear couplings are in stock up to size 8, however if custom requirements demand a slightly modified version, this can also be catered for with highly competitive prices and lead times.

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