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// Mechanical drive transmissions consultancy

Many of our clients seek our mechanical drive transmission consultancy services along with practical assistance on various mechanical drive power transmission and driveline problems particularly with regard to vibration.

This can be caused by torsional vibration which requires complex torsional vibration analysis to be carried out to determine where in a speed range this could occur and then to design a drive solution which will mean that the system runs outside this range to prevent it from happening.

Our Engineers are able to carry out simple two mass torsional vibration analysis or complex multiple mass torsional vibration analysis using sophisticated computer software.


Vibration can also be caused by unequal working angles being used within a drive line system and our Engineers are able to calculate and optimise the design for complex drive line layouts using state of the art computer software.

Often in existing plant and equipment our clients are seeking improved capacity/performance and/or efficiency and they ask us to assist them to advise on how their existing couplings and shafts can be re-designed to achieve this increased performance level.

By finding out what equipment they already have on site, which can be ours or our competitors, we then look at the limitation of this equipment and advise on whether they can achieve the new performance level with these existing units or whether they will need to upgrade with higher performance equipment.

This may entail utilising higher grade material or by using alternative heat treatment or surface treatment such as gas or plasma nitriding or shot peening which we can add to the design.

Using the latest generation Solidworks 3D CAD software, we can also easily design in special features such as enhanced greasing facilities to assist in the maintenance of these drive elements so the plant engineers can reduce the amount of down time they take to carry out maintenance procedures. Indeed in some cases, by utilising special coatings and or sealed for life bearings, we can eliminate the need for regular maintenance all together.

An example of our mechanical drive transmission consultancy in action was on a paper machine in Southern England which had experienced problems during re greasing of universal joints on universal shafts. They had found that whenever they stopped the machine for maintenance they had difficulty in greasing the grease nipples as they would never stop in line with the inspection hatch in the machine guards. This meant that they had to waste valuable time removing whole sections of guarding just to get to the grease nipples. We resigned the shafts to incorporate grease nipples in all 4 bearing caps which meant that a grease nipple was always available for re greasing through the maintenance hatch wherever the machine stopped. This saved our client time and money and also improved the lifetime of the universal joints.